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Decor: Potential Scope of Work

As you embark on your journey to wedding planning, one of the biggest areas to consider is decor. Decor can range from grande backdrops to personalized details - it can be one of the hardest areas to tackle.


If you're wondering: what are some decor elements I need to consider for my wedding? We've broken down all the possible areas of opportunity to show your personal styles through your wedding decor. Keep in mind, we have only listed the areas of opportunity, not necessarily the potential option and/or styles - that's a different discussion altogether! 


This is a pretty long list but don't be overwhelmed ! Remember, this is a comprehensive list intended for you to identify and select the areas that you want to include, by no means is there a standard to how much you should be including, that's all up to you! Likewise, if you want to get creative and include more decor, let us know and we'd love to help you bring your ideas to life!


Welcome Table / Sign-In Table

Remember, the decor for your welcome table can be doubled for your ceremony and reception. If you plan on having a more elaborate guestbook, consider having a separate table to prevent long wait times. 

Ceremony Decor

There are great opportunities to re-use the ceremony decor during the reception, that way you can maximize the use of each element! 

Registry Table

The registry table (also referred to as the signing table) is often overlooked when planning for a wedding. You are only there for a short moment during the ceremony, but keep in mind, the table will be there throughout your entire ceremony, which means it may appear in your photos. You may not need to invest a lot of decor for your signing table, but you don't want to leave it completely empty either.


Backdrops deserve a category of their own because there are so many different options. In general, a backdrop is used to draw emphasis on a particular space, typically used to frame the couple and/or for beautiful photo-ops.

Reception Tables 

These are the tables that your guests will be seated at for the majority of the wedding reception.  Keep in mind how your meal will be served, will it be a buffet, a traditional course meal, a Chinese styled course dinner, etc.?  This will help you gauge how much space there is on the table to decor vs. tableware (i.e. plates, glasses, cutlery, etc.).

Head Table

If you decide to have a head table (whether it's a sweetheart table or a head table with your wedding party or select loved ones), here are a few decor items for you to consider to accentuate the head table. 

Cake Table

If you’re planning to have a wedding cake at your wedding, it will most likely be displayed on a cake table. Here are some ways to spice up the cake table decor.

Other Reception Decor

You may have a cocktail hour in a separate space from your reception or a lobby that your guests will pass by to drop off their cards and gifts - these fall into the “other” category.

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