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Who should attend?


We recommend anyone who is walking down the aisle should attend. This may include: 

  • bride & groom 

  • bridesmaids & groomsmen - wedding party

  • ring bearer & flower girl

  • bride's dad if he's escorting the bride

  • bride's mom + escort 

  • groom's parents 

  • grandparents

Optional attendance 

  • other family members who will be attending the rehearsal dinner

  • groom's parents if they're not walking down the aisle

  • ushers

  • receptionists 

What can you expect? 

This is usually booked for the Thursday / Friday before your wedding date. Typically, most venues cannot confirm the exact date until closer to the wedding as there may be other events and functions booked during the weekdays. We try to walk through your ceremony order twice which takes us about 1-1.5 hours when everyone arrives. 

Will the officiant attend? If so, we generally check with the officiant to see what their preference is for the rehearsal. Some, especially those with religious backgrounds, may have a set way of conducting the rehearsal. In that case, we would take more of a support role and help 

If you don't have an officiant there, we'll walk through what to expect for the ceremony, go through the ceremony procession once slowly and be there to pace out when to walk, and re-visit this a second time as a review. 

What should you bring? 

  • All the girls should be asked to bring the shoes they'll be wearing on their wedding day for practice down the aisle

  • Music for the processional so you can practice walking to the tempo of the song

  • Last minute decor items that you may want to test at the venue 

  • Anything you want to pass off to us for decor items to bring to on your wedding date

Things to decide beforehand

  • Who are the witnesses for the marriage licence signing? Remember to let them know in advance 

  • Who will be holding the rings? 

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